Overview – DEVOPS?!


While not a new concept, it being labelled as such are recent and the methodologies have been adjusted/updated as well.

Perhaps you have a background such as myself, coming from the old-world where one was performing these responsibilities using custom shell scripts, proprietary Content Management/Versioning Systems, raw shared mounts to promote/copy to stages, deploying templated systems on to server farms by hand, etc. These days, there are a lot of tools and systems available to streamline these processes.

Gone are the days of having rigid compartmentalization and what has risen are Developers performing Operations and Operations performing Development. This creates a cohesive unit to get things prim and proper at an accelerated rate, before landing in to Production. Attaining minimalism is a goal to strive for.

In this section I take you through an up-skill and assimilation in to ‘modern’ Development Operations as it pertains to the Cloud platform/framework.