Update (the filename has not changed. please re-download and re-flash):
-tegra: increase voltages


[Preview] – – OC-VFP_FP 1.4GHZ – Galaxy Tab 10.1

This is a preview of what I have been working on. There is more to do, so am making this a preview until I have some other things smoothened out and other things honed down.

I will post an extensive changelog and add to RM after the upload to github completes.

-use GT-P7510 source from opensource.samsung.com and supplied defconfig, as a base
-merged up to kernel.org’s,
-oc to 1.4GHZ @ 1.200
-same optimisations as gtab-2632 (-O1, cortex/vfp/fp optimisations via CodeSourcery 2009-q1)
-merged in various changes from gtab-2632, vision-2635, AOSP and kernel.org
-Autogroup (session), various ERRATAS, BFQ I/O scheduler

Flash in recovery.
Download the latest SetCPU:
Launch it, accept root allowance and select autodetect.
Select ondemand for governor.

If you want to bench, it is advised that you set min/max to the same number.

Please let me know if there are any issues. Please report all issues with a log in hand (/proc/last_kmsg (if there is a reboot) and/or dmesg).

Known Issue:
-The governor may reset back to conservative (default), when using ondemand, after wakeup. This will be investigated.

User Report:
-Fired up File Expert, turned on FTPd, began transferring a couple of roms over to it (legally owned, of course). HARD LOCK, REBOOT.

kernel + wifi:

modules (cifs only for right now):

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