-initial release (7/2/11)
-use GT-P7510 source from opensource.samsung.com and supplied defconfig, as a base
-merged up to kernel.org’s,
-oc to 1.4GHZ @ 1.225mv
-increase voltages to system/core
-similar optimisations as gtab-2632 (-O2, cortex/vfp/fp optimisations via CodeSourcery 2009-q1)
-merged in various changes from gtab-2632, vision-2635, AOSP, kernel.org and nv-tegra.nvidia.com
-Autogroup (session)
-use koush’s anykernel in its partial form.

-use HC 3.1 supplied ramdisk
-ro.secure=0 (adb root shell)
-remove setting min/max/governor after boot (moved to the kernel).

-If you want to bench, it is advised that you set min/max to the same number.
-For Custom roms: Be aware, I’ve put the wifi module right in the ramdisk (which is where it is on 10.1 stock). Please move over the modules folder in /system/lib prior to flashing, if this applies to you. I will most likely flash this in myself and yank it from the ramdisk moving forward.
-This will not work on the ‘v’.

Known Issues:
Issues from Stock to be resolved:
-Slight delay on wakeup (introduced in HC 3.1) when not plugged in, and/or having to press power up to two times to wakeup (rare (if it is busy doing something)).

Things to do:
Implement pulling/constructing the ramdisk while flashing.
Undervolt low/mid ranges
Implement UMS

Thanks to nakedninja42, Rlcohen70, concept0, used2hvatreo and proengin for the assistance in testing!


-XTRA contains:
*ondemand governor default; only ondemand, userspace and performance governors
*BFQ I/O Scheduler
*some more cgroup options
*namespaces support
*autogroup (session) support
*v4 block device and data integrity support
*erratas 742230, 742231, 720789 and 743622 applied

Download: boot-cm_2636.4-oc-xtra-vfp_fp-070211.zip (http://droidbasement NULL.com/galaxy/kernels/2636/1/boot-cm_2636 NULL.4-oc-xtra-vfp_fp-070211 NULL.zip)

Download: lib-2636.4.tar.gz (http://droidbasement NULL.com/galaxy/kernels/2636/1/lib-2636 NULL.4 NULL.tar NULL.gz)


http://github.com/pershoot/galaxy-2636 (http://github NULL.com/pershoot/galaxy-2636)
http://github.com/pershoot/vision-2635 (http://github NULL.com/pershoot/vision-2635)
http://github.com/pershoot/gtab-2632 (http://github NULL.com/pershoot/gtab-2632)
http://opensource.samsung.com (http://opensource NULL.samsung NULL.com)
https://github.com/clemsyn/UpdatedTF101-OCkernel (https://github NULL.com/clemsyn/UpdatedTF101-OCkernel)
https://github.com/ibladesi/TF101-HighOC (https://github NULL.com/ibladesi/TF101-HighOC)
https://github.com/tiamat-aosp (https://github NULL.com/tiamat-aosp)
https://github.com/netarchy/android_kernel_TF101 (https://github NULL.com/netarchy/android_kernel_TF101)
https://github.com/coolbho3k/Xoom-OC (https://github NULL.com/coolbho3k/Xoom-OC)
https://github.com/BuzzBumbleBee/android_kernel_TF101 (https://github NULL.com/BuzzBumbleBee/android_kernel_TF101)
http://nv-tegra.nvidia.com/gitweb/?p=linux-2.6.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/dev-hc (http://nv-tegra NULL.nvidia NULL.com/gitweb/?p=linux-2 NULL.6 NULL.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/dev-hc)


Installation Instructions:

Flash in recovery.

Download the latest SetCPU from this thread:

Launch it, accept root allowance and select autodetect.
ondemand will be the default governor

To install kernel modules:
Use Winrar (windows) or tar with the z option and unpack lib-2636.4.tar.gz
Push any module you desire to /data/local/modules (this is created by the update.zip)
Then, insmod it (you can do this via adb, in a gscript, or on the device in terminal.

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