This is CM Recovery (12.1) for the ASUS Transformer Pad (TF701T – Macallan).

Local: Use OpenJDK 1.7.0_111 64bit.

-filesystem: drop discard from cache/userdata


-You must be unlocked (use ASUS’s unlock tool to perform this)
-You must be on at least bootloader but it is reccomended to update to (updating to ASUS’s latest 4.4.2 release will install this). It is best to update to this build ( via MicroSD update method (as outlined on ASUS’s site). You can also get a CWM flash-able boot-loader package here (US only):


Download (ASUS TF701T (Macallan)):
Download: recovery.img


Source: ,


Installation instructions:

-Unlock your device using the ASUS Unlock tool.
-Boot in once and execute: adb reboot bootloader

To boot the recovery:
fastboot boot recovery.img

To permanently flash the recovery:
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

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