Recovery – ClockworkMod – Galaxy Tab 10.1

Update (the filename has not changed. please re-download and re-boot/flash):
-recovery: return a failure if symlink /sdcard is found, in format_volume

merged (from cyanogenmod, android_bootable_recovery[gingerbread]):
-fix crash bug


-recovery: return a failure if symlink /sdcard is found, in format_volume
-p7510: increase recovery_image_partitionsze to accomodate newer kernel
-p7510: update kernel from HC 3.1

same fix for restore handler
add –exclude on tar when needed
fix bug where scan_mounted_volumes needs to be called before find_mounte…
fix format bugs
mount and unmount support for /data/media
fix up format
more changes
backups now use tar if they are not yaffs.

-merged (from cyanogenmod, android_bootable_recovery[gingerbread]):
tar nandroid and /data/media support.
also fix up the /sdcard symlink on startup
added the efs partition to the do not format list since this holds the i…
move the sdcard symlinker into process_volumes
make tar backups opt in.
Fix up tune2fs republish bug
Do not duplicate reboot.c
use new libreboot static lib for rebooting
cleanups for tar and /data/media support
fix build
bug fixes

This should also work on the ‘v’ model.

Known Issues:
-UMS will not work, as of yet.


Stock IO Recovery:



Installation instructions:
It is reccomended you try out the recovery before replacing your stock recovery.
fastboot boot recovery-cwm_4.0.0.4-sam-tab-10.1.img

If you are happy with it, then to replace your recovery:
fastboot flash recovery recovery-cwm_4.0.0.4-sam-tab-10.1.img

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