This kernel is intended to be used with UNOFFICIAL CM10 (4.1.2) 1/22

-Revert “tegra: dvfs: add extra slot for CPU_DVFS to accomodate 15 slot TEGRA
_OC range”
-Revert “tegra: dvfs: core|speedo/aon +25mv over cpu and adjust DVFS (for TE
-tegra: dvfs: adjust voltages


Installation instructions:
Option 1:
Transfer file to your tab via MTP.
reboot to recovery

Option 2:
reboot to recovery
adb shell mount /data
adb push FILE /data/media/

Flash and reboot.


P4WIFI: (http://droidbasement

P4VZW: (http://droidbasement

P4TMO: (http://droidbasement

P4: (http://droidbasement

P3: (http://droidbasement


Source: (https://github

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