Kernel – – OC-VFPv3-d16_FP 1.4GHZ – Galaxy Tab 10.1

-arch: arm: tegra: exclude gpio_i2c15 if VIBTONZ is disabled
-sounds: soc: codecs: voodoo: prevent mangling of headphone volume (vladz)
-drivers: video: backlight: allow for a more refined brightness control (vladz)
-arch: arm: tegra: align compass for HC_32
p3-p7100: mpu3050-hc32: carry over sensor amendments from mpu3050
-defconfig: p3-p7100: regen

-merged (from nv-tegra):
tegra: clocks: Remove shared clocks from sku_limits

-If you are using Voodoo CP, please uncheck Map Volume Keys.
-If you were not running the previous version of this kernel, then please flash back to the stock kernel, prior to upgrading to this kernel. You can do this by advanced restoring a boot.img from your stock nandroid backup or re-flash your rom (which contains a stock boot).

-If you want to bench, it is advised that you set min/max to the same number.

Issues from Stock to be resolved:
-Slight delay on wakeup (introduced in HC 3.1) when not plugged in, and/or having to press power up to two times to wakeup (rare (if it is busy doing something)).

-Bootup animation sound starts a little bit later (then it was on stock). This is a result of using BFQ.
-Setting interactive as default governor (in kernel) results in cpufreq getting stuck.

Things to do:
Undervolt low/mid ranges


-XTRA contains:
*ondemand governor default; only ondemand, interactive, userspace and performance governors
*BFQ I/O Scheduler
*some more cgroup options
*namespaces support
*autogroup (session) support
*erratas 742230, 742231, 720789 and 743622 applied

HC 3.2:
10.1-Wifi, Touchwiz UX (OTA, GT-P7510):

10.1 3G, Touchwiz UX (HC 3.2 (stock); GT-P7500):

10.1 LTE (SCH-I905):

10.1 TMO (SCH-T859):

10.1v (GT-P7100):


HC 3.2:
lib-2636.4_ux_hc32.tar.gz (Kernel Modules)
Download: lib-2636.4_ux_hc32.tar.gz




Installation Instructions:

Flash in recovery.

Download the latest SetCPU from this thread:

Launch it, accept root allowance and select autodetect.
interactive will be the default governor

To install kernel modules:
Use Winrar (windows) or tar with the z option and unpack lib-2636.4.tar.gz
Push any module you desire to /data/local/modules (this is created by the
Then, insmod it (you can do this via adb, in a gscript, or on the device in terminal.

-If you want to enable usb charging:
adb shell echo 1 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/force_usb_charging

To disable:
adb shell echo 0 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/force_usb_charging