-Revert: net: suppress RCU lockdep false positive in sock_update_classid

-merged (from kernel.org, kernel-2638):
PM: Fix warning in pm_restrict_gfp_mask() during SNAPSHOT_S2RAM ioctl
PM: Prototype the pm_generic_ operations
PM: Use dev_name() in core device suspend and resume routines
PM: Remove redundant checks from core device resume routines
PM: Use a different list of devices for each stage of device suspend
PM: Avoid compiler warning in pm_noirq_op()
PM: Prevent dpm_prepare() from returning errors unnecessarily
PM: Use proper ccflag flag in kernel/power/Makefile
PM: Lock PM device list mutex in show_dev_hash()
PM: Allow wakeup events to abort freezing of tasks
PM: Fix potential issue with failing asynchronous suspend
PM: Fix signed/unsigned warning in dpm_show_time()
PM: Prevent waiting forever on asynchronous resume after failing suspend
PM: Do not use dynamically allocated objects in pm_wakeup_event()
PM: Make it possible to avoid races between wakeup and system sleep

-merged (from cyanogenmod, htc-kernel-msm7x30):
ts: synapticts 3k: roll back to 2.6.32 driver
msm7x30: vision: expose bdaddr in the right board path

The _gb kernel can only be used on CM Nightly #78 and above.
This is not to be used on HTC Sense (froyo/gingerbread).
This is not to be used on Froyo.


-XTRA contains:
*ondemand governor default; only ondemand, userspace and performance governors
*BFQ I/O Scheduler
*some more cgroup options
*namespaces support
*autogroup (session) support
*v4 block device and data integrity support
*3d register driver
*erratas 430973, 458693 and 460075 applied

Download: boot-cm_2635.13_gb-oc-uv-xtra-neon_fp-061711.zip (http://droidbasement NULL.com/g2/kernels/2635/3/boot-cm_2635 NULL.13_gb-oc-uv-xtra-neon_fp-061711 NULL.zip)

lib-2635.13_gb.tar.gz (kernel modules)
Download: lib-2635.13_gb.tar.gz (http://droidbasement NULL.com/g2/kernels/2635/3/lib-2635 NULL.13_gb NULL.tar NULL.gz)


http://github.com/pershoot/vision-2635 (http://github NULL.com/pershoot/vision-2635)
http://github.com/pershoot/vision-2632 (http://github NULL.com/pershoot/vision-2632)
https://github.com/CyanogenMod/htc-kernel-msm7x30 (https://github NULL.com/CyanogenMod/htc-kernel-msm7x30)
http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/longterm/linux-2.6.35.y.git;a=summary (http://git NULL.kernel NULL.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/longterm/linux-2 NULL.6 NULL.35 NULL.y NULL.git;a=summary)
http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-2.6.38.y.git;a=summary (http://git NULL.kernel NULL.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-2 NULL.6 NULL.38 NULL.y NULL.git;a=summary)
http://developer.htc.com (http://developer NULL.htc NULL.com)


Flash the .zip through recovery

fastboot flash zimage zImage (zImage can be found in update.zip kernel folder)

take the bcm4329.ko file from the update.zip lib/modules folder (use winrar for windows or unzip for linux) and

adb remount
adb push bcm4329.ko /system/lib/modules
copy the bcm4329.ko to /sdcard, bounce in to recovery, mount /sdcard and /system, and copy the .ko module from /sdcard to /system/lib/modules; set chmod 644 on it.

If you use SetCPU, please do not set any Advanced settings, and you should use the ondemand CPU governor.

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