Kernel – – OC-UV-NEON_FP (1.516GHZ) – G2

-Revert (Partial – ISL29028): sensors: Import sensors from HTC QMR release

The _gb kernel can only be used on CM Nightly #31 and above, and/or with the needed bits for the newer adreno205 drivers (…6412317b550521).

This is not to be used on the latest CM7 nightlies. The last nightly that this kernel can be used on is #77.
This is not to be used on HTC Sense (froyo/gingerbread)

Known Issues:
-a slight distortion can be heard when launching the phone app and pressing for the first time the number 1, 4 etc., if volume is set to max.


-XTRA contains:
*ondemand governor default; only ondemand, userspace and performance governors
*BFQ I/O Scheduler
*some more cgroup options
*namespaces support
*v4 block device and data integrity support
*3d register driver
*erratas 430973, 458693 and 460075 applied


lib-2632.40_gb.tar.gz (kernel modules)
Download: lib-2632.40_gb.tar.gz




Flash the .zip through recovery

fastboot flash zimage zImage (zImage can be found in kernel folder)

take the bcm4329.ko file from the lib/modules folder (use winrar for windows or unzip for linux) and

adb remount
adb push bcm4329.ko /system/lib/modules
copy the bcm4329.ko to /sdcard, bounce in to recovery, mount /sdcard and /system, and copy the .ko module from /sdcard to /system/lib/modules; set chmod 644 on it.

If you use SetCPU, please do not set any Advanced settings, and you should use the ondemand CPU governor.

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