HC 3.1 – OTA (CWM Restorable) – Galaxy Tab 10.1

Installation Instructions:
Power down the device and plug in USB.
Enter fastboot by holding vol down and power, then pressing vol down (to the USB icon) then up to select.

fastboot boot recovery-cwm_3.2.0.1-sam-tab-10.1.img (latest is -0608; http://droidbasement.com/db-blog/?p=2032)

Unpack 2011-06- on your local desktop

adb shell mount /data
adb shell mkdir -p /data/media/clockworkmod/backup/2011-06-
adb push 2011-06- /data/media/clockworkmod/backup/2011-06-

Take a backup so you have a restore point, in case you run in to issues.

backup and restore -> advanced restore -> 2011-06- -> restore boot and restore system

unplug usb and reboot.

-This may not work for encrypted devices. If you run in to issues, please unencrypt it and try again (you may have to full wipe in this instance).
-This is a complete vanilla system with no su/superuser. If you are wanting these things, then flash the tools pack (latest is 6/16).
-Please be aware that if you do not do an ‘advanced’ restore and just a normal restore, your data will be wiped. Please take care to only do an advanced restore, as outlined above.
-If you encounter any issues from the update, please be advised that you may have to wipe your user data.
-This will not work on the ‘v’ model.

Download (HC 3.1 – CWM Restorable Image(s)):
Download: 2011-06-


HC 3.0 Fastbootable Images: (From IO) – System:
Download: system.zip

HC 3.0 Fastbootable Images: (From IO) – Boot:
Download: boot.zip

OTA via com.wssyncmldm

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