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Here are some UNOFFICIAL builds I ran off this afternoon (01/12).

Local build environment:
-Update to JDK 1.6.0_38

System changes:
-audio: policy: add NO_FORCEUSE_ANLG_DOCK for analog dock qualification

Kernel changes:
mm: Ensure pte and pmd stores ordering.
ARM: tegra: clock: Update secondary pll dividers resume
ARM: tegra: define/enable ARCH_HAS_SUSPEND_PAGETABLE
arm: tegra: Enable arm errata 764369
Revert “device_cgroup: fix RCU usage”
Revert “sched, autogroup: Stop going ahead if autogroup is disabled”
tmpfs: fix shared mempolicy leak
cgroup: cgroup_subsys->fork() should be called after the task is added to cs
mm: add kmap_to_page()
mm: highmem: export kmap_to_page for modules
ARM: mm: use pteval_t to represent page protection values
rcu: Fix batch-limit size problem
cgroup: remove incorrect dget/dput() pair in cgroup_create_dir()
mm: dmapool: use provided gfp flags for all dma_alloc_coherent() calls
Revert “mm: vmscan: fix endless loop in kswapd balancing”
-defconfig: jb: regen

Device specific:
-overlay: trebuchet: enable workspaceDefaultWallpaperHack
-overlay: set safe_media_volume_index to 6
-p4-common: pass NO_FORCEUSE_ANLG_DOCK
-touchscreen: change touch.size.calibration to default

-system: update kernel

-system: update kernel

-system: update kernel

-system: update kernel

-system: update kernel

Vendor specific:
-p4wifi: update nvcam from 7510’s XWLPC

-p4: update hwc, nvcam, video and ril from 7500’s XWLP9

-p3: update ril from 7500’s XWLP9

Rom Base:
Sync’d as of ~4.00PM (01/12), Eastern.

Built recovery (in the folder) is CWM

-It is best to wipe when coming from 4.1 or previous OS version.
-Data on the internal/fake sdcard will go to 0/ (i.e. /sdcard/0/; /data/media/0/). Install the recovery in the folder so it can deal with it.
-This build contains the current development kernel (3.1.10; 01/12).
-P3: If you use GAPPS, you must install minimal gapps:
It is best to:
fastboot erase system
fastboot boot CWM
flash rom
flash minimal gapps

-P3: To save on system space, these have been removed:
Calendar (can be installed from Play Store)
some media/audio -> ringtones, alarms and notifications
QuickSearchBox (Search can be installed from Play Store)
xbin/vim (vi is included in busybox)


Known Issues:
-A random flicker (it’s faint and fast) can be observed occasionally/infrequently. If this becomes a nuisance to you, you can try to alleviate this by selecting ‘Disable HW overlays’ in Developer Settings. This does not survive a reboot (must be selected on every boot) and impacts swiping motion (it slows it down) in Trebuchet (the Launcher).
-P4*: A 720P recording, when played back, will have artifacts in the upper section of the image. Also when launching the recorded video for the first time, you will encounter a bit of a delay before it launches.
-P4*: If you use the standard GAPPS (from goo), the keyboard will close if typed on for 2 or 3 letters quickly in succession, if you use Google Search, Messaging and/or Gtalk (there could be more). This is a GAPPS library issue. Install a third party keyboard (Swiftkey 3 works ok) and switch to it. This does not affect Browser, System, etc (stock KB works fine there). The GAPPS from wingray don’t appear to exhibit this behavior from brief feedback (make sure your system is cleaned out using the latest recovery (format system), prior to installing the rom and gapps if you had the set from goo installed prior (it has also been reported that data needed to be wiped as well to rid of the residuals)):
-Wallpaper will be down aligned on the lockscreen.


GT-P7100 (p3), GT-P7500 (p4), GT-P7510 (p4wifi), SCH-I905 (p4vzw) and SGH-T859 (p4tmo)

More Notes:
-Use the supplied recovery (in the folder (use Odin 1.85 to flash it)), if you are not on a compatible/recent recovery.
-For P4VZW: You must be on stock ICS (and it’s modem) before flashing to this build, for LTE functionality
-For P4WIFI UK: You must be on the US ICS bootloader (odin .tar.md5 inside the .zip in the folder), otherwise you may incur a rolling screen
-For P4: You must be on the UK ICS bootloader (odin .tar.md5 from UK inside the folder), otherwise you may incur a rolling screen.
-For P3: It is advised to be on P4’s ICS modem for best results.
-For P4*: You must be on the ICS modem for best results.


P4WIFI: (http://droidbasement NULL.1/p4wifi)

P4VZW: (http://droidbasement NULL.1/p4vzw)

P4TMO: (http://droidbasement NULL.1/p4tmo)

P4: (http://droidbasement NULL.1/p4)

P3: (http://droidbasement NULL.1/p3)


Source: (https://github, (https://github

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