This build has been superceded. Please see:

This is a preview of the current work on CyanogenMod 11 (KitKat (4.4.2 – KOT49H)) for ASUS’s Transformer Pad (TF701T – Macallan).

Local: Use Oracle JDK 1.7.0_51 64bit.

-initial: Add V10.26.1.18
-defconfig: add cyanogenmod config
-defconfig: switch to XZ
Enable setting security contexts on rootfs inodes.
SELinux: include definition of new capabilities
alarmtimer: Use hrtimer per-alarm instead of per-base
alarmtimer: add alarm_restart
alarmtimer: add alarm_forward_now
alarmtimer: add alarm_start_relative
alarmtimer: add alarm_expires_remaining
timerfd: add alarm timers
timerfd: support CLOCK_BOOTTIME clock
input: gpio_keys: Fix disordered wakeup key reports
-input: asuspec: convert to use runtime PM
-power: pad_battery_by_ec: convert to use runtime PM
update to’s 3.4.82
-defconfig: regen and build-in wifi
update to’s 3.4.83
-defconfig: regen

Device specific:
-initial: Add TF701T device
-re-merge: tf701t: core bring up
-overlay: add Launcher3
-recovery: sync init
-overlay: add Browser
-display: explicitly set lcd density
-re-merge: external: re-work media mounting
-overlay: add some options for the dock
-build: archive python2.6 libs and unpack them when needed
-prebuilt: remove python and related
-recovery: sync init
-init: wifi: add wpa_supplicant svc. and override ctrl_interface param.
-overlay: systemui: use tablet-optimized recents interface
-overlay: allow all rotations and increase multi-user max
-external: adjust sdcard2 and usbdisk1
-overlay: open up the option to select fade/electron
-sepolicy: add healthd
system: add a custom healthd to accomodate the dock’s battery
-surfaceflinger: increase surface buffers
-sepolicy: add some more rules
-wifi: build-in
-media: disable nvidia’s bypass decoder (ac3/dts)
-re-merge: audio: link to project for nvaudio_conf
-audio: turn off ulp for mp3/aac
-audio: add r_submix

Vendor specific:
-re-merge: tf701t: add props from V10.26.1.18
-tf701t: archive python2.6 libs
-tf701t: remove python and related
-tf701t: nvoice/powerservice: update with nvidia’s tegranote KK
-tf701t: wifi: build-in

Rom Base:
Sync’d as of ~3.30PM (3/13), Eastern.

Built recovery is CWM (cm-11.0).

-You must be unlocked (use ASUS’s unlock tool to perform this)
-You must be on bootloader (updating to ASUS’s latest 4.3 release will install this). It is best to update to this build ( via MicroSD update method (as outlined on ASUS’s site) as some users have reported that it doesn’t get installed via OTA.


Known Issues:
-BT mic is not fully working (mediaserver crashes (Google Now/Hangouts)). It works in the Browser.





Installation Instructions:
-boot in to bootloader (power and vol +/-)
-fastboot boot recovery.img (you can fastboot flash recovery recovery.img for permanence)
-adb shell mount /data
-adb push /data/media/
-take a nandroid backup
-transfer and flash gapps for CM11:
-it is best to wipe when coming from stock


TF701T: (http://droidbasement
Recovery: (http://droidbasement


Source: (https://github , (https://github

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