11/09 has been taken down. It has been superseded by 11/12: http://droidbasement.com/db-blog/?p=2886

Here are some EXPERIMENTAL builds I ran off this morning (11/09).

Kernel changes:
-kernel: sec_debug: set SEC_DEBUG_LEVEL_LOW for P3
-serial: 8250: add IRQS_SPURIOUS_DISABLED to g_uart_ready check
-Revert “jrcu: fix compile”
rcu: Abstract common code for RCU grace-period-wait primitives
rcu: Add event-tracing for RCU callback invocation
rcu: Event-trace markers for computing RCU CPU utilization
rcu: Put names into TINY_RCU structures under RCU_TRACE
rcu: Add RCU type to callback-invocation tracing
rcu: Update comments to reflect softirqs vs. kthreads
rcu: Add grace-period, quiescent-state, and call_rcu trace events
rcu: Simplify quiescent-state accounting
rcu: Eliminate in_irq() checks in rcu_enter_nohz()
rcu: Make rcu_implicit_dynticks_qs() locals be correct size
rcu: Dump local stack if cannot dump all CPUs’ stacks
rcu: Prevent early boot set_need_resched() from __rcu_pending()
rcu: Prohibit grace periods during early boot
rcu: Suppress NMI backtraces when stall ends before dump
rcu: Avoid having just-onlined CPU resched itself when RCU is idle
rcu: Use kthread_create_on_node()
rcu: Wire up RCU_BOOST_PRIO for rcutree
rcu: Remove rcu_needs_cpu_flush() to avoid false quiescent states
rcu: Move propagation of ->completed from rcu_start_gp() to rcu_report_qs_rsp()
rcu: Fix day-one dyntick-idle stall-warning bug
rcu: Avoid unnecessary self-wakeup of per-CPU kthreads
rcu: Add event-trace markers to TREE_RCU kthreads
rcu: Move __rcu_read_unlock()’s barrier() within if-statement
rcu: Simplify unboosting checks
rcu: Permit rt_mutex_unlock() with irqs disabled
-rcu: remove trace events

Device specific:
-overlay: enable wifi_p2p_support
set perms on cameraflash sysfs for Torch

-p3: override squisher
-use p4’s cbd

Vendor spcific:
-p4wifi: update graphic/media/video libs (from 7510’s XWLP6)
-p4: update graphic/media/video libs (from 7500’s XWLPD)
-p3: use p4’s ril

Rom Base:
Sync’d as of ~11.30PM (11/08), Eastern.

Built recovery (in the folder) is CWM

This build contains the current development kernel (3.1.10; 11/08).
P3: If you use GAPPS, then you must use a smaller gapps package. You can find this by searching XDA/Google.


Known Issues:
-A random flicker (it’s faint and fast) can be observed occasionally/infrequently. If this becomes a nuisance to you, this can be mostly alleviated by selecting ‘Disable HW overlays’ in Developer Settings. This does not survive a reboot (must be selected on every boot) and impacts swiping motion (it slows it down) in Trebuchet (the Launcher).
-P4*:A 720P recording, when played back, will have artifacts in the upper section of the image.
-Wallpaper will be shifted downward when applied.
-Google Talk video chat crashes the application (looks like a library mismatch; will be investigated.)


GT-P7100 (p3), GT-P7500 (p4), GT-P7510 (p4wifi), SCH-I905 (p4vzw) and SGH-T859 (p4tmo)

-Use the supplied recovery (in the folder (use Odin 1.85 to flash it)), if you are not on a compatible/recent recovery.
-For P4VZW: You must be on stock ICS (and it’s modem) before flashing to this build, for LTE functionality
-For P4WIFI UK: You must be on the US ICS bootloader (odin .tar.md5 inside the .zip in the folder), otherwise you may incur a rolling screen
-For P4: You must be on the UK ICS bootloader (odin .tar.md5 from ITA inside the folder), otherwise you may incur a rolling screen.
-For P3: It is advised to be on P4’s ICS modem for best results.
-For P4*: You must be on the ICS modem for best results.


P4WIFI: http://droidbasement.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p4wifi (http://droidbasement NULL.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p4wifi)

P4VZW: http://droidbasement.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p4vzw (http://droidbasement NULL.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p4vzw)

P4TMO: http://droidbasement.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p4tmo (http://droidbasement NULL.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p4tmo)

P4: http://droidbasement.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p4 (http://droidbasement NULL.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p4)

P3: http://droidbasement.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p3 (http://droidbasement NULL.com/galaxy/roms/cm10/p3)


Source: https://github.com/cyanogenmod (https://github NULL.com/cyanogenmod), https://github.com/pershoot (https://github NULL.com/pershoot)

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