Here are some EXPERIMENTAL builds I ran off this morning (08/16).

Kernel changes:
time: Introduce get_monotonic_boottime and ktime_get_boottime
net: wireless: bcmdhd: Use correct time from boot for TSF
netfilter: xt_IDLETIMER: Rename INTERFACE to LABEL in netlink notification.

When HDMI is connected with the adapter, this is thrown:
WARNING: at kernel/irq/manage.c:290 enable_irq+0x4c/0x74()
Unbalanced enable for IRQ 106
-To be investigated.

Sync’d as of ~1.30AM (08/16), Eastern.

Built recovery (in the folder) is CWM (contained in the folder).

This build contains the current development kernel (08/15).


GT-P7100 (p3), GT-P7500 (p4), GT-P7510 (p4wifi), SCH-I905 (p4vzw) and SGH-T859 (p4tmo)

Note: Use the supplied recovery (use Odin 1.85 to flash it).

VZW Tab:
non-functional LTE

non-functional front cam
wifi-direct may not be fully functional (i.e. able to fully connect/send invite to a neighbor device)


P4WIFI: (http://droidbasement

P4VZW: (http://droidbasement

P4TMO: (http://droidbasement

P4: (http://droidbasement

P3: (http://droidbasement


Source: (https://github, (https://github

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