Here are some EXPERIMENTAL builds I ran off this evening (07/28).

This is a preview of the current work for CM10/JellyBean on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Build: JRO03H

Sync’d as of ~5.30PM (07/28), Eastern.

-If you use gapps, do not use 0726 from If this is installed, after powering down, journal on /data goes awry and android will not be able to boot thereafter. This condition ocurred when USB was plugged in/ADB debugging on + WiFi on. The only way to boot if this occurred was to format data via the stock recovery (i.e. wipe/data factory). 0717 works fine in this regard.
-This build contains the current development kernel (07/28).
-Built recovery is CWM (contained in the folder).


GT-P7100 (p3), GT-P7500 (p4), GT-P7510 (p4wifi), SCH-I905 (p4vzw) and SGH-T859 (p4tmo)

Flash the recovery via Odin found in the folder (if not on at least CWM5). Push the build via adb to /data/media/ (mount it first), wipe (if coming from HC (may not be necessary if coming from CM9; if you run in to bizarre issues you should wipe)) and flash.

VZW Tab:
non-functional LTE

non-functional front cam
non-functional back cam (excluding GT-P7100 (10.1v))
some cosmetic stuff to sort


P4WIFI: (http://droidbasement

P4VZW: (http://droidbasement

P4TMO: (http://droidbasement

P4: (http://droidbasement

P3: (http://droidbasement


Source: (https://github, (https://github

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